My captivating is…

My captivating is…pexels-photo-627667.jpeg

My captivating is your nauseating:

That arresting moment of pure terror just before the daring lion delves into the laughing hyena, no longer laughing, gutting him clean of vital life force.

My captivating is your revolting:

Going to sleep in a bed filled with dead particles of flaked off skin, little mites, alive and awake, strangely satisfying to not be completely alone and yet alone, with myself.

My captivating is your repugnant:

Soaking in a hot tub, festering microbes and parasites leeching off my skin,

the little fuckers sucking it clean, merging as one with my human organism,

a mutated modification, an anomaly to pass on to other walking, talking, shrieking

barnacles, bloodsuckers of original sin.

My captivating is your scandalous:

Using the most exorbitantly-priced, extravagant work paper to roll a custom joint and then burn that bureaucratic bull into my lungs.

My captivating is your creepy:

Peeking into people’s windows at night – penetrating their solitude, infiltrating their secrecy, looking through the cracks in the blinds, when you see some light filtering through.

My captivating is your captivating:

Just fucking admit it. You are as fascinated by all of these gross, nasty, outrageous stories as I am…

I know you are. Just admit it.


(Imagine I told you everything? I’m still holding back a little!

Do you think I’m telling the truth or am I trying to trip you up?

You’ll never know!)





19 thoughts on “My captivating is…

  1. Yes, I also have to admit
    that I like to flay the puns
    with spitty wins.
    It’s a genetic predisposition
    ( could also be a sin?
    But if you don’t mind?
    Don’t wish to drive you wild!).

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  2. Okay! Okay! I admit it! This was mind-blowing! Just WoW. I must reblog this to MP sometime.

    Every time I read your work I find something different, something challenging. Just incredible writing.

    “You and I, we’re two of a kind, I hate to say it but you’ll never relate, what makes you tick? It makes me smile” – Pete Yorn

    Liked by 1 person

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