Collective mandala

Collective mandalapexels-photo-262780.jpeg


Sand …. particles of rock and mineral, a reminder of the whole, now broken down and slipping through my hands, a moment in time, fleeting, ephemeral, a blink and the whole has transformed into these microscopic molecules, reminding me that nothing – but nothing – lasts forever. Even this brief, twinkling moment in time is passing as I write this.

I want to make a memory of the peace that is felt as I filter cool sand through my hands, sliding down, escaping my clutch and returning to the earth and its home. I start to form dancing swirls, spirals and many, many loops around and around, like a whirling dervish, my WILD, ecstatic ritual, a spiritual, cleansing offering, both to myself and the cosmos.

A pattern starts to develop. From the corner of my eye, I catch glimpses of light reflecting back onto the places where I’ve treaded, repeatedly stamping down the sediment, carving out my own magic circle. It’s happening again. The alchemy embedded in this ceremonial, reverent movement, bringing me back to my self, my centre, absorbing me as part of the whole. I feel myself one with God and the universe. No longer any lack present, no worries or apprehension. The wholeness of my personality and my being entwined with everything else. Every. last. drop. of. existence. No need to wonder about where I came from, where I am going and all of the in-between, mysteries dissolving, explaining the meaning of life as I create and conceive a legitimacy of unvarnished perfection, developing, unveiling itself through every twist, turn, circular maze. A truth in a riddle. A riddle in a truth. Enigma exposed.

We have become a collective mandala. A sacred representation of everything in creation. The natural world. This sand painting, like Mehndi on my skin, concentric ripples and sun wheels, sculpted into the earth and chiseled on me and with me. We are one.

A personal and collective expression of my psyche. Like a dream, I am reflecting my animated essence back onto the one who made me. Concentrating, lost in meditative worlds of another time, another realm, I find a way back to my truth.

A collective mandala. Internal order has been restored.




6 thoughts on “Collective mandala

  1. Loved this. The capturing of magical, natural moments that restore us if you are lucky enough to feel the connections within. Mechanically, enjoyed the soothing, smooth-like-sand sounds you created. 🙂


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