Just a feather.

Just a feather.pexels-photo-394376.jpeg

That first arrow flew through the sky,

the tempo accelerating before landing,

settling on its chosen target,

It NAMED itself while on-the-wing————

nothing peculiar or particular about what it was,

the NAME, a mere fact to announce its arrival,

clearly, simply, certainly

making itself seen and heard.


Neither good nor bad,

quite simply,

an indicator of perception.


Pointed edge, burrowing into a human thigh,

broadcasting a message,

wordless and poignant, unspoken yet confirmed.


Neither drastic nor dainty,

quite simply,

an indicator of perception.


But, oh my, that second arrow,

how uncompromising,

the tempo,

as it swooped and soared through the sky,

there was no denying,

it had a planned purpose.

Eyes trained on that missile,

-no longer just an arrow-

unable to look away,

scrutinizing, contemplating,

where would this one land?

Surely this one will




scald –

The pain!


That second arrow, still in flight,

already it could be felt,

ripping through flesh,

perforating and pinning

that human to a tree,

-no escape-

this one, a done deal.


No sooner had it been decided,

the pitiful pain, it would be felt,

the arrow took its refuge,

landing in the exact same spot as

the first arrow.


It was excruciating, that pain!

What serious suffering!


First arrow: a declaration of the deed, itself.

Second arrow: confirmation of that deed’s ultimate carnage.


First arrow: the way it is.

Second arrow: it could have been a feather, landing softly,

it should have been a feather, tickling and teasing the skin,

won’t you let that first arrow be?

Just a feather.










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