The naked truth


The naked truth


“The price is high. The reward is great.” Maya Angelou

What qualifies as poetry?

The poetic greats:

Auden, Thomas, Bronte,

all-first rate,

as per the constructive critics,

forming a lyrical and metrical marvel,

composition disciplined and classical in nature,

speaking of rustic, picturesque idealism,

unspoiled, pastoral charm

bestowing visions of spirit and sanctity,

teaching us to revere the godliness

inherent in every brute, bush and bud.

Lessons of hardship, penitence,

observations of the ordinary

transforming, now extraordinary.

Are these epic predecessors

the real deal?

Still considered the trailblazers

of poetic enlightenment?

How about the daring devils of RAP and Hip Hop?

Dr. Dre, Eminem, Tupac?

controversial to some,

disgusting, appalling to others,

revered and respected by many more,

vocalizing their misogynistic methods,

verbalizing the ways of the warrior,

the one on the streets,

forming motley crews:

hardened, bitter

a dissonant cluster,

disagreeing with the status quo,

a cacophonous, clashing, astringent


letting us all know who is boss.

Quarrels and conundrums,

they rhapsodize about

female allurement, entrapment,

weapons as wardship,


explicitly expressing

their own unapologetically

crude, coarse oratory.

A modern definition of poetry?

A final suggestion:

Bob Dylan, could he be the one true idol?

Delicate dualities and falsehoods a refuge

from the truth which he abhorred,

He stated:

Oedipus sought the truth and it killed him.

Dylan swearing not to follow in his footsteps,

never betraying his desire to remain unknown,

shapeshifting his way through mazes of

ZEN riddles.

The floodgates have opened:

definitions of poetry taking on new expressions;

numbered lists, texts and song lyrics included.

What is your definition of poetry?

My poetry is simple:

Not allowing my inner light to dim,

Keeping my lantern bright to guide the

way on my quest.

Shining the light on the telling of

personal truths.

Truths which demand to be told

no matter the price or the peril.











18 thoughts on “The naked truth

  1. That heavy mantle
    … of which you write so well.
    Dylan, in his younger days, sang
    ” … I’m a poet, and I know it!”.
    In the heyday of protest, he was
    asked to lead ‘the battle charge’.
    In humiliy , he rebranded himself
    as a mere ‘performer’. A teller of
    stories, and a ‘Jester’.
    Yet he admits, his words are poetry
    ( of the highest order ).
    Poetry can be a portal to the spiritual.
    A reflection of the serene, of peace
    and/or choas.
    And perhaps even, every dimension
    in between.
    Keep on writing,
    and letting eternity know
    where you’ve been,
    and all that you’ve seen.

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