Half hearted

Half hearted


Brave hearted…

I tread in the depths of the ocean

looking for a missing piece of myself

like an eerie premonition of

ashes being scattered in Adam’s ale,

despite the fact that I cannot swim

I relish the cold water lapping waves of

reality against my withered skin

absorbing the shock of impact between

breaths of air and liquid.

Light hearted…

I let go, trusting that the waters will

carry me to my destination.

There is silent strength in knowing

the power of nature.

I feel the magnitude of the waves

wrapping their fingers around me,

Trying to absorb me into their yin,

I, their yang.

Open hearted…

My mouth wide, ready to let out a cry of

relief, one last human utterance

before I am swept up and reabsorbed

into the atmosphere.


as if one with my yearning,

a hundred hands gliding gracefully just under the water’s surface,

mermaid reflections rippling like pebbles across the calm bath of my dreams.

Broken hearted…

The water engulfs me,

filling me up

with the ocean’s tears.


I glide off mermaid tales, floating upwards.

Leaving trails of bubbles behind,

I feel myself in line with the clouds.

On puffy pillows, like bouncy trampolines,

I launch myself into the ether

and they

obligingly catch my fall.

Relaxing on a mirage of miracles,

I allow myself to deflate,

all of the ocean

draining out of me,

destroying me


the process.

Fool hearted…

I hold on with all my might.

I am not yet ready to say goodbye.

My body tense as it comes crashing down.

The earth an unforgiving bed for my final landing.

I should have known that letting go

would be a better way.

Whole hearted would have done the



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