Discourse on humanity

Discourse on humanitythailand-buddhists-monks-and-50709.jpegSitting in meditation, a flash and a big surprise,

the silence, essential to baptise

my soul, drench it in holy skies

of sacred highs.

The cherished quiet, saintly,

defended and enshrined.

Peaceful am I,

yet something unknown

making itself known,

occupying space,

like an everyday companion.

Who is this stranger

gaining entry

within my shrine?

Observing intently,

he announces his presence,

makes himself known,

with but a murmur:


A bolt of illumination!

Alone is the right way,

but too often and for too long: Isolation,

causing the soul to stir with starvation,

too much, too little,

of any one thing, he lectured,

a cause for nervous jitters,

rendering us cold and bitter.

What an oration!

What happened to my hushed, reserved


What have you done to my silent enclosure?

Cocooning ourselves, wrapping ourselves

in protective armour,

a sure way for the anxious spirit

to accumulate, inflate,

ready to consume us in its deserted seclusion.

So the sermon went….

The rumination further enlightening

every step of the frightening


No man an island,

forging human connection,

urgently seeking long lost contact.

Virtual is never enough,

it must be real, heartbreaking,

tangible, in-person,

human connection.

I understood the message,

so clearly enunciated,

a lecture, unbidden, perhaps unwanted,

but clearly, effortlessly accepted.

Human connection,

asserting associations of comfort,

meaning and purpose,

navigating the joys and misfortunes

of this lifetime,

together, as one,

collectively assembled,

experiencing shared knowledge of this

mortal struggle.





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