What is a w-o-r-d?

A cluster of letters,

together fabricating meaning,

in one fell swoop,

these a, b, c’ s are capable

of elevating or demolishing

Strung together like a necklace

hanging ceremonially off a neck,

showing off their embellished


capable of instilling true rapture, beautification

in the bearer of those fine letters.

Now, hanging loosely, unvarnished, unapologetic,

one-by-one, purposely picked and dropped

into someone’s hand,

disregarding their propensity

for emotional affliction,

these beads, dropped offensively,

striking a nerve of sensitivity,

a reminder, a conjuring of past

hurt, inequities, transgressions

during a time of oppression.

Like candy, words dropped into

an unassuming, unaware palm,

dropped casually,

no empathy in sight.

Words, what an amazing human endeavour.

These words have the power to heal or destroy.

These words can be used as magic wands or weapons.

They are used defensively, in a pinch, to conjure up insults,

hurl balls of tyranny, trying to put someone in their place.

These words MUST be used gingerly, mindfully,

side-stepping potential land mines, aware of someone’s history,


used to bandage the raw, callous, unhealed wounds.

These words must be used for love.

These words can be a weapon of destruction.

These words must be used tenderly and fondly,

to find our way back to enchantment,

to an appreciation of these words.







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