M…emory, triggered by images and sounds of beauty and horror, snapping an occurrence back into clear view

N…otions, inklings of what once was, what could have been, what should have been, what will be

E…ncourage, exhilarate the brain to dig deep, find the remnants of a story, recollect and recreate

M…indful, painfully aware of the cerebral connection being lost, one word at a time, relentlessly gather the meanings and pick up the letters, one by one

O…pinions abound: memorization, an inclination, a viewpoint, a feeling, an idea, an impression, what is true remembering?

N…othing, no-thing, non-existence, nihilistic, non-entity, non-being without my memory. Insignificantly scratched off the surface and rendered insufficient, nixed into oblivion.

I…ntricate, fanciful loops of absurd and obscure labyrinths, stuck, somewhere deep, tucked away in the folds, entangled with a lifetime’s accumulation of complicated flashbacks.

C…omplex betrayals of uncertain knots, one begins where one ends, melding into each other like a can of worms, twisted and trapped in a disorderly potpourri, reducing sense and sanity to a distant memory.

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