Legs dragging you down,

oh-so-tired and worn out,

no way to stop until  the end,

ready to collapse,

you won’t give in,

best work thrown aside,

it’s all for the win!

How can you stop

when they glare, unrelenting, waiting for a win or a loss,

ready to react to either one.

Your eye on the prize

Insisting the finish line be yours, only yours, all yours,

Desperately craving

a piece of this tag-along culture,

you insist that fitting-in

by proving yourself to the world

will result in final satisfaction.

“Just this one thing and I’ll never ask for anything again!”

What’s the rush?

You fear that they’ll beat you,

make a name for themselves before you even have a chance at turning the corner,

cast your talents and worldly contributions into the back alleys

of this tormented game.

S-L-O-W it down,

live the process and experience the journey,

before it passes you by.

Believe in a spiritual reason for your journey

and know that divinity is working through you

and with you to

accomplish your dreams.

If you insist on getting to the end

before the product can flourish

rushing it out to the masses

for a chance at fame and recognition

Accolades, applause and asking for autographs,

you’ll have missed the reason for your creation

interrupted the healing process.

Don’t stress

it’s not a sprint

but a marathon.

There’s room for all of us, in this universe,

A spot with your name on it, reserved in advance,

patiently waiting for your big reveal on this planet.

Wait! There’s a catch:

it wants you to do it the right way,

not fast, not furious,

determined, not disastrously

waiting and worrying for the

day of final judgment.

Insist on putting aside the critiques and the compliments,

don’t let either stir you towards the finish line.

Arrive last if you have to, so long as you haven’t lost yourself while getting there,

and are finally self-aware, standing tall and proud, in this pressure cooker,

this sea of coercion and persuasion.

Be singular, stand away from the school of fish, not towards them,

and here, you will showcase who you really are, when you really are.


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